Emperor, Commander, Philosopher

The Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier invites you to take a journey back in time to the Roman Empire of the 2nd century, addressing the fascination surrounding Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. In an area spanning around 1000 m2, the archaeological exhibition presents a chronological tour of discovery through the multifaceted life and times of this Roman emperor.

The life of Marcus Aurelius was marked by contrasts: while his long years as heir to the throne were largely peaceful, his reign as emperor was marked by bitter conflicts and campaigns. Above all, however, his love of philosophy and his “Meditations” make him the exception of antiquity and distinguish him from other rulers of his time. In the Landesmuseum, several hundred valuable top exhibits from numerous European museums illustrate the stages of the life of Marcus Aurelius and bring the time of his reign to life.

Trier-Centre of antiquity

Unesco World Heritage in trier

Trier fascinates everyone interested in antiquity – after all, nowhere other than here is it possible to get closer to the splendour of the Roman Empire throughout Central Europe than it is in Trier, the centre of antiquity. At the time of Marcus Aurelius Augusta Treverorum, the oldest city in Germany, experienced its first great period of prosperity. The city’s fortifications were also built at this
time and with them the “Porta Nigra”, the ancient city gate, which remains Trier’s landmark to this day.
The city impresses with its monumental Roman buildings, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage bringing the ancient world to life. Whether day trip, weekend trip or study trip – Roman Trier offers the perfect setting for visiting the state exhibition.