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Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius is considered the epitome of a good ruler. Yet what was the life of the man
whose “Meditations” later became world literature actually like? Who was he, what shaped him, and what is the ideal picture of a good ruler?
After the huge success of the exhibitions on Constantine the Great (2007), Nero (2016) and the Fall of the Roman Empire (2022), the UNESCO city of Trier is once again inviting visitors to a captivating regional exhibition: this time focusing on Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius (121–180 AD). His reign in the 2nd century AD was scarred by wars. Today, however, he is known above all as the emperor of philosophy, and his actions were characterised by a sense of duty and selflessness.

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The Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier invites you to travel back in time to the Roman Empire of the 2nd century and get to the bottom of the fascination surrounding of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Starting with Marcus Aurelius, the Stadtmuseum Simeonstift shows how ideas of ‘good rule’ have changed over the course of history.

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